Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All in one: Kinect Video Music Lighting Jockey - Kivimulij

      All in one, is a project for investigating how powerfully can be M4L with implementation of all multiple possibilities. This is a brief demonstration of its possibilities. In this case there's a Kinect controlled by software Synapse that sends data into M4L devices for interacting with Live sound directly. After that, sound of Live creates video in live processing into Jitter data and at same time, Live sends an output data to another max patch device for controlling lights by DMXusbPRo of Enttec.
Then we can use M4L for controlling sensors, music, video & lights: All in one computer!!!!!!!!

     I use Max in All in one for controlling all incoming data from Synapse, to modify Ableton Live parameters and also for creating video processing with Jitter into Ableton Live as a new device corresponding with the color of the lights. Then, I can synchronize the lights on blue, and video output data also in blue changing with the music in realtime. 

    You can see it on Cycling'74 page.

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