Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pere Vicalet's Synth

       I present to you today a patch I developed at the beginning of 2011 when I was starting to use Max MSP. This was an exercise of class for constructing a synthesizer. As you can see in following picture there are 7 oscillators. In the first five you can create multiple sounds with synthesis AM, FM, choosing your waves, and also controlling ADSR randomly or on your own. About the last two, one is for creating sound moving video and the other is for playing some files. 

       There is a fx section with some effects: there are filters, grains, pitchers, transposers, reverbs,... when I use third parties that you can find in the folder. And sounds of this fx section can be directed to a master section by a matrix on top of master section. There's included a general filter for controlling master sound and a recording section also. 

       I started to create this synthesizer creating different patches in different folders. This made a very funny layer of cables when I constructed the huge patch with all oscillators and all fx. At that time I didn't use to organize objects in Max and also not to use the presentation mode. Because of this, if anyone try to understand what's happening here with the code, he has to be as patient as I was constructing it... See a part of the cables in this picture:

        You can download this patch in the download section here. I'll appreciate your comments and feedback. Thank you very much.

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