Friday, October 26, 2012


         The philosophy of this miniaturike work it's about fear and the certain melancholy that comes us when we have to change our customs. It's to say, when you have to decide important ideas for your life and you must close some doors. Precisely that's from where the title comes. Just close them! & Just close it!

          In addition, it could be also understood as a critique to our society because we live governed by our customs and traditions. These facts don't allow us to be so much creative due to lots of unconsciously prejudices and nonsense obsessions that are in our minds. They don't enable us to close the doors and often limit our creativity. 

        The work was composed with Ableton Live, squeezing the Simpler instrument. The sound material has been constructed from three recordings of the same door while it was being closed. Some effects you could hear in this work are like resonators, delayers, saturators, transposers. Of course, in this work its also used Max for Live. 

        It was composed for the 25th Birth of the AMEE (Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España) on summer 2012, for not to stop the creativity and close this door of 25 years and open the next ones with lots of new sounds, new arts and definitely, new cultures. 
           This work was premiered on Saturday, 27th of October 2012 in Matadero contempory arts center in Madrid at 18h. There were also premiered other works of composers like Josep Lluís Galiana, Vicent Gómez, Miguel Molina, Adolfo Núñez, Carlos Perales, Eduardo Polonio,...  It has been played in Festival Punto de Encuentro in Valencia on the presentation of the XXV Cd, and also in Sevilla the 29th of November. Furthermore, it was launched in the Classic Radio of Spain the 18th of January of 2013. You could listen the critic here.

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